About Us

Rail Darbar (www.raildarbar.com) is India’s leading online food ordering platform enabling you to find a wide variety of restaurants on the RAILWAY STREET and place orders easily as per the budget.

Steaming hot meals are delivered to your seat/berth with just a couple of clicks or a simple call at 08000 078 078. Rail Darbar allows you to enjoy your favourite food at no additional delivery charges!

Whether you access Raildarbar.com online or from your mobile phone, it’s free, quick, and easy - and once you use it, you’ll be hooked! All of our menus are updated in real-time so if a restaurant is out of something, it won’t show up on the menu.

You can also place group orders here on Raildarbar.com – great for marriages, parties or even family trips.

For more info, please contact info@raildarbar.com. For immediate response, contact our customer service department at 08000 078 078 or our live chat room from 8am - 10pm daily.

We welcome all feedback and are committed to serving you with the best customer service.